DIY: How to make a travel shadowbox

You’ve come back from your vacation and you keep finding ticket stubs, wristbands, foreign coins, Polaroids  etc. and you have no idea what to do with them. But you’re sentimental like me and throwing them out feels like you have to let go of your memories… So now you are torn as to whether you should toss these or store them in some box that never gets opened.

One of my favorite things to do is create a shadow box that stores your memories beautifully. It’s a super easy way to display your trip. I have one that I am constantly throwing concert tickets and whatnot in.  But, I also came back from London and thought I’d make one that is just my London memories… and mostly because I really want to just keep reliving such an amazing trip.

Here’s a DIY on how I’ve created mine…

Anatomy of a shadowbox:


Step one:

Find a shadow box that you like. I bought this one from Michaels mostly because I love that the back has a linen texture and Michaels has the best sales and coupons. They have a few different size and finish options as well.


Step Two:

Arrange out all the objects you are thinking of using inside the shadow box. It’s ok if you don’t end up using everything. I usually try out a few layouts until I find one that feels right.

Step Three:

Once you have your objects how you like them it’s time to attach them. I usually snap a picture of the way I like it arranged just in case I forget when I’m gluing them down. Depending on the object, I use hot glue for heavier objects and double stick tape for photos.  Since this one had a thicker linen back I also use pins for some of the maps and tickets.


Step Four:

Put the glass back on and hang on your wall!

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Would also love to hear about some of your creative ideas using things you’ve brought back from your travels… Comment below!